Destructibile labels



Tamper evident destructible labels are a unique tamper proof security labels for excellent high bond adhesion and conformability to smooth or curved irregular surfaces.
When the destructible labels are tampered against removal and are easily damaged, causing cracking and cause multiple chipping effect in tits and bits leaving behind the evidence of tampering.
These tamper evident destructible labels are great for use on electronic equipments, appliances, rental equipments, computers, laptops and instrumental or machinery repairs when you need to prevent undetected access.
These destructible labels or stickers cannot be switched to another piece of equipment without tamper detection being evident.

Custom made and digital printed destructible labels are perfect for use as warning labels, security labels, hazard labels or caution labels.
Destructible labels will fall apart, crack or chip apart and get destructed while trying to remove and thereby leaving behind the tampering evidence.
Once applied, these destructible void labels with permanent high bond adhesive backing cannot be removed in one piece providing a strong deterrent to counterfeiting.

For digital printed sticky tamper-proof and tamper-evident void labels, we have the capabilities to turn it around in a timely and affordable manner, without any compromise on quality.
With a full range of facilities we can produce a range of different types of digital printed void labels for our clients in Toronto and all over other cities across Canada and the USA.

Customize your destructible labels for added protection of your products.
At LEGHORN s.r.l. labels, we could provide short runs with quick turnaround for double layer labels, Void Labels, destructive labels, security labels, warning labels or warranty labels or block out labels,
silver void labels or white void labels.
For any custom size, shape or quantity of destructible labels you may contact us with your request.

° Sequenced numbering up to 15 digits
° Bar-code possibility
° Logos available upon request

° Paper
° Polyetilene




20×11 mm
30×20 mm
40×20 mm
50×20 mm
60×30 mm
80×30 mm
80×40 mm
100×40 mm
120×50 mm
150×75 mm
200×80 mm


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