Parcel seals


These seals guarantee the origin and quality of single packages, they can be applied easily by hand to the binding or string.
They are manufactured in steel and tin and are available in the natural colour or in the galvanised yellow gold colour. They come in 3 variations according to required dimensions, function and thickness of the binding that they have to seal.
They are printed in relief with the wording: “Security seal”, or the wording or logo of the manufacturer, the CEE mark on any other necessary information.

Art LHG 15 = 23×9,5 mm
Art LHG 18 = 26x 15 mm
Art LHG 20 = 26x 20 mm

Art LEG15: 23×9,5 mm

Material: Shiny steel – shiny brass plated steel
Carton Dimensions: 28x16x22cm
Carton Weight: 4,15 kg
Pieces per carton:

Art LEG18: 26×15 mm
Shiny steel- Shiny brass plated steel
Carton Dimensions:
32x16x24 cm
Carton Weight:
Pieces per carton:

Art LEG20: 26×20 mm
Shiny steel – Shiny brass plated steel
Carton Dimensions :
Carton Weight: 7,22
Pieces per carton: 5.000


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