Battery Shear MU 16 B



BATTERY SHEARMU16-B is a powerful tool intended to cut bolts, locks, iron bars, metal reinforcements and grills.

Weighing just 4,5 Kg, its capable of quickly cutting steel bars with a maximum 16 mm diameter.
Being cordless, it can be used anywhere easily, without the burden of having to connect it to the mains.

• The MU16-B is an extremely safe and practical tool thanks to its anatomical grip and its cutting head which is suitable for any situation.
This easy-to-use, quiet Battery shear guarantees thousands of cuts independently and safely

• The MU16-B is supplied with a shock- proof plastic case, battery charger, two batteries and an additional handle.


• The Armed Forces
• The Fire Brigade for cutting through metal in emergencies
• Wire, chain, bolt, spring manufacturersand demolition.


• Cutting capacity: 16 mm.
• Weight: 4,5 kg.
• Battery life: 180 cuts
• Wattage: 270 W
• Battery: 18 V
• Speed: 1 cut every 2 seconds
• Dimensions: 395x105x315


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